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What is Vestige Business Plan, A Complete RichGuide!

Vestige has changed the lives of many peoples and made a lot of them stand on their own legs. Here I have discussed basic details about Vestige Marketing Private Limited and what is vestige business plan.

The company’s website is Vestige Marketing Private Limited. 

The Directors of this company are Gautam Bali, Kanwar bir Singh and Deepak sood.

Directors of Vestige
Directors of Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

They are the persons who laid the foundation of this company to help us to achieve financial freedom in our life.

What is Vestige Business Plan??

Vestige is India’s no.1 direct selling company with a turnover of over 2000 crores, achieved recently.

Vestige company is providing a very good Business Plan to its Distributors and give a huge opportunity to earn a lot of money by just following a simple method.

Before telling you about the bonuses and earnings let me tell you about the basic business structure of the company. The company earns by selling products. They have many quality products like air purifiers, water purifiers, and 180+ other products including products used in daily use like soap, toothpaste, cooking oil, etc.

In this, you have to tell peoples to buy products or change their shops and get them joined under your distributor ID and when they join and buys Products you get PV (1 PV= 30 Rs) and these points increase your level and also your income. Here I will tell you what is vestige business plan.

There are the following bonuses the company provides you:

  1. Performance Bonus
  2. Savings on products
  3. Director Bonus (20% level)
  4. Leadership Overriding bonus
  5. Car Fund
  6. House Fund
  7. Travel Fund
what is vestige business plan : Seven Bonuses
Bonuses by Vestige

1. Performance Bonus

The company provides performance bonus on the purchases that you have done on your own and made through your group. Various levels that you accumulate are shown in the Image.

what is vestige business plan : Performance Bonus
Levels in Vestige

Fast 8%

The company also provides you with a chance to achieve a level of 8% without completing 501 Group PV or group PV. It is achieved when you reach a Group PV of 282 GPV in the first month of joining.

2. Savings on Products

When you buy products from Vestige you automatically save 5-20% on MRP which you can’t save anywhere else.

3. Director Bonus

Vestige allocates 14% of the Company’s monthly PV as Director Bonus (DB). This is computed by a “Point Sharing System” based on the Director Bonus points earned by the qualifiers. DB Point value varies each month and is computed monthly as per the formula is shown below:

Director Bonus Formula

The Point Sharing system is as follows:

Vestige Business Plan

Fast Bronze Director

If you achieve 7,501 PV in a single business month, you qualify as a Fast Start Bronze Director. This entitles you to a 20% performance bonus and Director bonus

4. Leadership Overriding bonus

Leadership overriding bonus (LOB) is payable to Silver Directors and above. The percentage of LOB depends on the position. To qualify for LOB all qualifiers must have a personal purchase of 40 PV and 5,625 GPV excluding personal purchase of 40 PV. 5,625 GPV has to come from a single downline group

The Formula for Calculating LOB is:

LOB formula

The LOB is calculated as shown in the image:

Vestige Business Plan

5. Car Fund

The Company Provides a 5% Car fund to star Directors and above which is calculated as:

car fund

6. Travel Fund

Vestige provides a 3% Travel fund to silver directors and above which is calculated as:

Travel Fund

7. House Fund

Vestige Provides a 3% house fund to Crown Directors and above:

House Fund

These are all types of bonuses that are provided by the company.

Note: You have to buy products of 30 PV or 1100 rupees to make your ID green.

How to add joining through the app:

To start in Vestige business, first of all, you have to join it through a very simple process. To join you can contact me by clicking here otherwise you can contact the one who introduced you to the Vestige Plan. As of now, vestige is only available in
India. U.A.E. Bahrain. Bangladesh.

Vestige has its own apps on play store you can download them by just typing vestige in the search bar of the play store otherwise you can click here.

The app Vestige POS. Remember, you can’t join yourself in it, you have to contact another person who is already a member of Vestige or you can contact me by clicking here.

Just follow the Instructions to add joining in vestige:

  • Download the Vestige POS app from play store.
Vestige POS home
  • It will say you need to log in. Log in if you are already a member or otherwise you can contact me to help you get joined.
Vestige POS login
  • Now You will see many options. Click on add distributor.
Screenshot Image
  • Now, you need to fill upline Distributor ID and click Validate. It will show you your upline’s name.
Join vestige app
  • Now fill all the details required like your Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, etc. You can leave the co-distributor empty.
  • Finally, Click Save.
  • Now back in homepage, you can see KYC downline. Click on it and Complete the process by filling the required things and Uploading your ID proof.
  • And Click save.
  • After you add joining, you will receive a message with your ID and password. You can use this to log in to its main app and check about your status like your downline, vouchers, and similarly your earnings.

When you join vestige you can try out their products and start earning financial freedom.

How to earn money in Vestige Business?

Well, the simple answer to this question is Repurchase. The main power of this business is Repurchase. Tell people about the quality of the products. Tell them that these are the best products available in the market. Just suppose there are 100 members in your downline in which 20 are doing repurchase every month of Rs. 2500 then from these people you get 1667 PV every month which is awesome.

So, maintaining Repurchase makes you success in Vestige Business.

How Much Can you earn in Vestige??

Well, there is no limit on how much you could earn in vestige. It definitely depends on you, your level and team. In my opinion, the real income in vestige starts when you reach the level of a crown director because after that you start to get Director Bonus, Scheme Fund, etc without maintaining any side PV which adds a large amount to your earnings.

My Earnings??

While Updating this post, it’s now my 6th month after I joined Vestige and I am very happy to share that I have achieved Director level and received a cheque of Rs. 6632 in March.

March Vestige Earnings
March Vestige Earnings update Rs. 6632

I know that my earnings are not so impressive but these are going to increase as I will become a crown director.

If you want to join and earn money in vestige business then comment down below or contact me

Wish You Wellth.

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