How to create a Website without Coding

Do you know that you can create your own website without knowing any kind of Coding? Creating a website in today’s time is very easy. I have seen many people in India earning in 6 figures from their websites and they are doing it within a small time frame. So, without wasting your time let’s start ‘How to create a website without Coding‘.

Well, here I am discussing both free and paid methods by which you can create a website:

  1. Using Website builders like Wix, Weebly,, Mobirise, Blogger, etc which you can use for free.
  2. Similarly, to create your own self-hosted website.

Creating a Website using Website Builders (Wix).

Well Making a website using a website builder is very easy. You can use various website builders available on the internet but wins my heart in comparison to others. According to me, is the best website builder I have ever seen with a lot of available themes and tons of customization options.

Making a website using Wix is very easy. Just Follow the Following steps:

Step 1: Go to and create your account.

create a website on wix

Step 2: After your account is opened, you will see an interface like this. Click on the Create New Site Button.

how to create a website without coding

Step 3: It will ask you about the category of your website, whether it is a blog or a news site or anything else.

wix categories

Step 4: The best thing here is that you can let create a website for you by answering some questions or you can use Wix editor.

how to create a website without coding

Step 5: You will be asked some questions. Just answer them and select the theme that you like the most and your website is ready.

how to create a website without coding

Step 6: I have created this website in just a Minute and it looks like a professional website without me doing any kind of coding.

*Things to know before creating a website on

You can create a professional looking website with Wix for free but it has certain limitations like promotional ads run by Wix itself, Limited bandwidth and storage, no google analytics, etc.

If you want then you can upgrade to their pro plan which offers the ability to connect your own Domain name, Remove Wix Ads and extra storage and bandwidth.

Creating a WordPress website.

Creating a website using website builders is free but they have certain limitations. These limitations can be removed if you are ready to spend Rs. 1000 from your pocket. 

WordPress is a content management system which helps you to create any kind of websites from an E-commerce website to a simple blog. Before creating a WordPress Website you need to have a domain name similarly a hosting. You can buy any hosting available in the market like Bluehost, Siteground, etc.

Getting a Domain Name.

A Domain Name provides a specific address to your website in the world of internet. Well, this domain name is not free, It costs you some money which can be anything between Rs.200 – Rs.2000. You can buy a Domain Name from

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Getting a Web Hosting.

There are many Web Hosting Providers in the market out of which I recommend you to go with Siteground web hosting. They offer many plans, you can choose one according to your needs.

Now that you have bought Domain Name and Hosting for your website. Therefore you are ready to install WordPress and start your journey. Here are the steps to create a WordPress website:

Step 1: Installing WordPress: Login to your Hosting cPanel.Use Softaculous to install WordPress or you can download WordPress directly from and extract all the files directly into your hosting’s File manager.

Step 2: After clicking on the Install Now button you need to enter some details. Fill all details and click on Quick Install.

Step 3:  Finally, After the installation is completed you will be redirected to your WordPress admin page which looks like this.

Step 4: Now, your website is built and is pre-installed with a theme. With WordPress, you can make any kind of website by the help of using plugins. You can also add various themes to improve the appearance of your website.

Using and creating a website with WordPress is very easy if you have any doubt then you can comment down below.


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