best ways to earn money online in India

Best ways to earn money online in India (20 Ways)

Do you know that you could earn a lot of money online? And for that, you just need a laptop and a working internet connection. Here I am gonna share with you 20 best ways to earn money online in India.

Best Ways To Earn Money Online in India.

1. Start a youtube channel:

Youtube is a video sharing platform owned by Google and is the world’s second largest search engine. Here you can upload videos related to your passion or anything you want.

best ways to earn money online in India

How to Earn:

  • Monetize it using Adsense.
  • Send traffic to your affiliate links.
  • Become An Influencer and get paid for sponsorship.

2. Create a blog or website:

You can create a blog or a website like ours and help peoples about various topics and earn money from it.

best ways to earn money online in India

How To Monetize:

  • Place ads using various ad networks like AdSense,, etc.
  • Do affiliate Marketing on your website.
  • You can sell ad space on your website.
  • Sell your own digital products like E-books courses, etc.
  • Accept donation from your visitors.
  • Even, you could sell your website on Flippa or any other website.
  • Similarly, there are many more ways to earn from your website.

Create a Micro Niche website to earn even more.

A Micro Niche website is a small website focused on a particular topic which provides all the relevant information to it. Because this website is based on a particular topic you just have to create it, add complete information about that topic and leave it to see the magic (You also have to take care of SEO).

Sell your website on Flippa.

If you are not interested in continuing your website then you can sell it on Flippa.

3. Join a direct selling company:

In countries like India, there is a current trend of direct selling and vestige marketing has become successful in providing a very good business plan. These Companies help you to develop your personality and help you to learn various sales techniques. Well, Joining a direct selling company is not a way to earn money online but it can be a very good way for you to improve your life.

best ways to earn money online in India

Here is all about Vestige Marketing Private Limited.

How to Earn:

  1. You will earn according to the business plan of the company you join. ( Recommended: Vestige Marketing Private Limited)

4. Do Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a way in which you can earn a lot of money. This model is really very simple you just have to help businesses sell their products and in place of it, you will get a commission.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Monetize:

  1. Monetizing is very simple, just make more and more people buy from your affiliate link.

5. Create a mobile app:

You can create your own mobile application and upload it to the play store to earn a lot of money from it. If you don’t know how to create an app then you can use to create one.

create a mobile app

How to Monetize:

  1. You can Use AdMob and many other ad-networks to place ads in your app.
  2. You can also add in-app purchases to your applications to let the users buy something in your app.

6. Make Money by Online Surveys:

You can Make a few dollars by filling out online surveys on websites like Swagbucks, Toluna, OnePoll, etc.

Do Online Surveys

In these websites, you will get some surveys which you have to fill and in return of that, you will get some money. It can be anything between $0.1  – $3.

7. Make Money from PTC sites:

If you want to make money online but don’t have enough time for blogging, then you can signup on various PTC websites.

Make Money From PTC sites

They pay you to click on ads and waiting for 10-30 seconds. There are a lot of websites online you can join. They all are free and needs no investment.

8. Become a Captcha Solver:

Yes, you can earn money by just solving simple captchas online. This can be the easiest method I have ever found online to earn money online.

Become a captcha solver

This is a type of data-entry job in which you have to see images and fill texts written in it. Sometimes, you can get ReCaptchas to solve which are a little harder to solve but have more payouts.

You can Signup on various websites like 2Captcha, etc.

9. Become a Transcriptionist: 

It is a job in which you will be given certain audios like conversations, speeches, etc and you have to transcribe or simply write what you have listened to.

Do audio Transcripts

This method can be hard for a lot of you because you have to pass various tests given by the websites you signed-up on. You can join websites like GoTranscript, TransribeMe, etc.

10. Become a Microworker:

You can easily earn between $150 – $200 by working on various micro working websites. These works include a lot of things like commenting on a video, like a photo/video, signing up on different websites, etc.

Become a microworker

There are a lot of websites online like,, etc which you can join to earn money from them.

11. Become a Freelancer:

Freelancing is a very popular way of earning money online. As a freelancer, you can work for an individual or a big company on a temporary basis and give them your services.

Become a Freelancer

This can be the best way to earn money online in India. Even a lot of peoples are earning a lot of money from websites like,, etc. You can also join these websites and earn a lot of money from them.

12. Do Drop-Shipping:

In Drop Shopping you sell products which you don’t own through your website by keeping your desired profit. You can Dropship products from various websites like, etc or you can use to make this process simpler for you.

Do dropshipping

I have seen many peoples earning between $1000 – $5000 in a month from their drop shipping websites. This can be a little hard for some people.

13. Teach Online:

If you are a teacher or have a very strong grip on a certain Subject then you can teach online to earn a lot of money. There are a lot of  E-learning websites which requires Expert Teachers to teach on their websites.

Teach Online

You can sign up as a teacher on websites like,, etc.

14. Sell Online Courses:

If you have mastered yourself in a certain field and wants to make money from your that skill then you can create a course on that topic and make people learn from you.

Sell Online Courses

You can sell those courses on websites like,, etc.

15. Stock and Forex Trading:

This is the most attractive method to earn money online. There are many courses available in the market which you can use to learn about the market and Forex trading.

Stock and Forex Trading

You can also try out this app to learn about forex trading.

Forex trading is very risky, you can even lose all of your funds.

16. Earn Money from your Smart Phone:

There are a lot of apps available on the play store which you can use to earn money online. These apps tell you to perform specific tasks like installing another app, doing surveys, etc and in place of that, you will get specific points, which you can exchange for money later.

Earn Money from smartphone

These are various apps like Swagbucks, Feature Points, CashPirate, etc.

17. Sell old products on OLX or Quikr:

If you have old products in your home which you don’t use, then why to place them there to take more space. Sell them online and in place of it you can earn some money from it.

sell old products on olx or quikr

There are websites like OLX, Quikr, etc where you can place ads for your products and sell them.

18. Sell Photos Online:

Everyone has a smartphone in their hands today. We use to take a lot of selfies with our smartphone, but what will you say if I tell you that from this habit you can make a lot of money online.

sell photos online

You can click pictures of nature, places, people, etc and later place them on websites like Shutterstock, Photobucket, etc and every time a user buys that picture you will get the amount fixed by you.

19. Do Writing Jobs Online:

If you have a good grip in English then you can sign up on websites like,, etc.

Do online writing jobs

These websites pay you between $10 – $80 per 500 words of writing.

20. Sell E-books:

E-Book is a book but in digital form. You can write and sell your own ebook on platforms like Amazon or by the help of portals like Instamojo, etc. Your book can be based on anything you like.

sell e-books online

I think that my this post has given you the answer to your question ‘What are the best ways to earn money online in India?’

If you need any other help then you can contact me or comment down below.

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